Tuesday, April 23, 2013

10 Facts You Must Know About Kidney Stone Symptoms Treatment

Being a sufferer myself I know the instant kidney stone symptoms and how fast they can sneak up on any sufferer.
I remember being sprawled out on my knee crying from the unbearable pain. The pain was very sharp and caused me to throw up and become nauseous.
I was only 18 at the time and I wondered if I had more bladder stones in store for me. Since then I've been kidney stone free and I am doing the right things to avoid them.
Kidney stones or rock stones can be developed by men and women young or old. The best thing to do is consume as much water as possible. The kidney stone will pass from the kidney through the ureter and out of the bladder.
Most often bladder stones are small enough to pass on their own but when they might cause complications the doctors will suggest surgical procedures to cause the stones to shatter into tiny pieces small enough to pass through the bladder.
  1. Most often formed by minerals within the urine. Dietary is one major contributor to bladder stone formation.
  2. 80% of stones found are calcium oxalate stones.
  3. 10% are uric acid stones.
  4. If rocks are found in the kidney the first step is to drink a lot of water to flush the rocks out.
  5. Limiting certain minerals such as sodium and animal protein will help avoid rocks.
  6. Reducing the amount of oxalate consumed such as chocolate, tea, spinach.
  7. Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy is a surgical treatment that breaks apart stones that are too large to pass on their own.
  8. The first obvious symptom of kidney stones is the pain on the back constantly throbbing.
  9. Advil or Motrin is an absolutely must and if it continues to be unbearable its important to get medical attention.
  10. Bladder stones are not going to be easy for anyone and there are many solutions to not only help pass the stones as fast as possible which will stop the pain 100% but prevent them from occurring ever again.

The facts listed above will help you along the way to hopefully deal with the rocks a little bit easier.
The two best tips to remember is for one to keep your kidneys hydrated with water and eat a balanced diet including fruit and vegetables.