Saturday, April 27, 2013

What To Do If You Are Struggling With Weight Loss

Many moons ago when man first appeared on the planet, life as we know it today was VERY different...
We had to hunt for our meat, brave the elements, and had to grow our own vegetables... There was certainly no grocery store down the block.
So our bodies were designed to protect us and let us adapt to the many harsh conditions... The problem with that is, it is a far cry from how we live today. We have diets of fast and processed foods, and virtually foods that are dead, and no longer holds any nutritional value.
Our bodies are very primal in nature and the reason we gain weight is for protection. Our bodies want to protect us from famine and starvation. Just about 100 years ago, famine was a real threat to most of the world. We needed to survive until a food source was again available. Survival was Job #1!
Our DNA is programmed for this, and has not adapted to the way that we live today. So your body is doing everything it can for your survival.
That is why dieting doesn't work. Calorie restriction along with grueling workouts put your body into fat storage mode... or as what I refer to as "Turning on the Fat Switch ". Once this has happened our body does everything it can to store fat, slow metabolism, and turns on the hunger signal in the brain.
Our body does not realize that there is no real threat of food shortage. Scientists are now studying animals ( in the wild, not domesticated pets ) as to how they stay the perfect weight for their species. Their weight stays in balance even if there is a food shortage, or they have to endure a brutally cold winter. They have discovered this "fat switch" mechanism in them and now they are studying how this also works with humans. You will see that domesticated pets have the same weight problems that humans have.
One major cause of our "fat switch" being turned on is processed food. Processed food affects the body by "turning on the fat switch" for numerous reasons. First of all this food is stripped of any of its natural components which made it healthy and nutritious to eat. This in turn tells the body it is starving, even if you have just eaten a huge meal. It also is laden with chemicals which the body perceives as a threat, so it goes into survival mode.
Your body will fight you when you try dieting, by doing everything it can to store fat, make you more sedentary, it even deadens your taste buds, so that you crave more sugary and salty foods and have to keep eating to feel satisfied.
If you want your body to start working with you instead of against you... you need to learn how to "Turn Off The Fat Switch". Eliminating processed foods is a great start! Try replacing at every chance you can with fresh, whole foods. Your body knows exactly what to do with that!! Your cells will be jumping up and down for joy at the addition of fresh fruit and vegetables, and it will reward you!
To Your Good Health!