Saturday, April 20, 2013

Use Muscle Building Supplements to Supplement Your Muscle Building Willpower

You might well be able to accomplish your muscle building goals without using a muscle-building supplement but you will not be able to reach your fitness target without willpower. This article is to discuss how to use the muscle supplement that you may not actually need to supplement the willpower commodity you can't possibly do without.
In muscle building studies where a placebo is given to part of a test group for comparison, the test results are never entirely accurate if the subjects know what the real muscle supplement is supposed to be doing. The mind is a powerful thing and it will work to assist. Faith healing works on this exact principle. If the mind thinks it is getting assistance toward the goal when it is only getting a placebo, then the mind will assist the body towards the goal it thinks the pill is assisting towards. In other words and to simplify this concept, think of the placebo as bolstering the willpower.
As I said at the outset, you could reach your fitness objective without using any supplements, if you wanted to. But that said, you could also reach that objective easier if you did take the supplement. Similarly, you could also achieve your goal easier if you were taking what you believed to be a supplement but which was actually a placebo. Obviously this would be difficult to do unless you were in some kind of clinical study because why would you buy or take something other than the supplement? And if you did know it to be a placebo then it would spoil the effect.
On the other hand, you do need willpower in order to reach your goal and personal resolve is not available in a bottle of pills. Or is it? Really, the simple fact that you're taking a supplement that you believe is assisting you to achieve your fitness goal easier is helping you to reach that target easier by boosting your willpower - even if what you're actually taking isn't even physically helping you at all. Don't you wish the one could be separated from the other?
Personally, I almost wish I could market a brand of muscle supplement that had no physical muscle building effects at all but which was touted as doing so only to gain the willpower supplementing effect that even a placebo has. That would definitely be a cheap to produce product as it would only need some common enough inert substances. But of course this would be considered highly unethical and I would never actually do it. I'm simply discussing it to illustrate how an intention placebo could actually provide a real value.
Conversely, I'm also saying that all muscle supplement products are not created equal but that even a marginally effective brand is fully capable of delivering the maximum willpower effect as long as the person using the supplement believes it is up to the task.
The bottom line here is that even if you are wavering about whether or not to use a muscle supplement, you should use them if you're unsure of whether you possess all the willpower that you absolutely must have.