Saturday, April 27, 2013

Body Contouring to Complete Massive Weight Loss

Improving the state of one's health serves as a great motivation for the loss of massive amounts of weight. A man or woman has to have more on their minds than their pants or dress size,
 because it could take a year or more to lose 60, 80, 100 or more pounds. They have to be in it for the larger outcome, and that's improved quality of life, because their respiratory, cardiovascular and organ function can't help but improve. They have not only increased their ability to be active,
 they've increased their life expectancy as well. But once they reach their goal or their goal is within reach some men and women wonder why there seems to be such a discrepancy between the shrinking and strengthening of their muscles 
along with their improved internal health and the difference in the quality of their skin. These men and women can sometimes feel as though their outside doesn't match their inside in health or age. Many then consider body contouring.
After all of the hard work it took to tone and slim their bodies, they shouldn't have to deal with the shame, awkwardness or embarrassment of being stuck in the deflated form of their once larger body. They are covered with upper arm sag, 
breasts that appear flattened, an abdomen that appears as a deflated as a tire around the sides and back of their waist, buttocks and groin and even thighs that have hanging pockets of skin on them. So the person feels not only 
uncomfortable with the bulges when in their clothing; they feel uncomfortable naked. They want to be healthy and feel comfortable with their naked body. That way they can wear anything, go anywhere and feel good. So body contouring is a serious consideration that focuses on delicately and skillfully removing excess skin and fat that hangs from the toned 
tissue underneath. It can include arm lifts, breast lifts or gynecomastia, tummy tucks or lifts around the entire midsection, butt lifts, tightening around the groin, and around the knees for the improved appearance of the thighs or inner thigh lift.
It's still surgery, though. Just because they did all that work to make themselves stronger and more toned underneath all that loose skin doesn't mean the post-surgery healing process won't be an uphill battle as well.
 There are still veins and nerves to manipulate and skin to rejoin in an attractive way in order to have a healthy and successful surgery. Body contouring is sometimes a necessary part of the journey to massive weight loss.