Monday, April 22, 2013

Prasouda Diet - Everything You Wanted to Know

Have you ever heard the words: Prasouda Diet? Maybe you have heard of the Mediterranean Diet? Still no. Well, have you ever traveled to the south of France, Italy, or Greece and wondered why the heck everyone has great skin and hardly overweight?
Whether they know it or not, these fine people, who live in those regions of the world, have grown up eating and living the Prasouda Diet!
The Prasouda Diet (or Mediterranean Diet) is a healthy diet that involves plenty of foods you already love, while incorporating a few other things that you may not have thought of before. I guarantee that if you stick to this diet, in a matter of 2 to 3 weeks, you will have more energy, weigh less, and feel better about yourself.
Prasouda Diet - The Basics:
Think of the Prasouda Diet as more of a lifestyle change than just a diet. In fact I am going to stop using the word diet. Think of being outside, with the fresh air, being active and enjoying good food. That is basic concept behind the Prasouda Lifestyle.
This lifestyle has virtually remained unchanged for centuries (think back to question regarding why Italians, French, and the Greeks look so good and healthy). These cultures have grown up, generation after generation, living healthy lives that are absent from certain diseases that occur in western society.
You still maybe a little skeptical, but think about this: Have you ever heard of Italy, France, or Greece having an obesity problem?
So how does the diet break down? Well, while it is high in carbohydrates, they usually come from sources that provide the healthy kind (think natural pasta, fruit, and yogurts). Prasouda also incorporates a lot of great nutrients and fiber, found in the vegetables and fruits that this lifestyle recommends. As you read more you will notice that this lifestyle does encourage you to eat nuts, seeds, and oils, which contain a lot of fats, but again, like the carbohydrates, these are fats that are good for you. Prasouda fats are healthier and metabolized by the body for energy and alertness.
Now onto the meat! Animal protein is key to this lifestyle as well and if you are fan of chicken and fish, then congratulations, the Prasouda is for you! Chicken, some eggs, fish are the primary sources of protein but you are permitted to have the occasional red meat.
Ready for the best part? Each meal is normally broken into several parts and for dinner, you are encouraged to have a little red wine. Not bad, huh? For example, your meal may start with some warm, baked bread (not the kind you buy at the grocery store, think Whole Foods or a real bakery), followed by a fresh side of salad and fruit. Then the main course of either fish or chicken with a side of fresh vegetables. That's it!
For breakfast, you can do the same (except for the wine). For instance, you can start with some fresh fruit or yogurt. Followed by oatmeal or eggs with some coffee.