Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Technological Advances In Medical Lighting

Medical lighting is an extremely important component of the medical world. Medical professionals require specialist lighting to effectively carry out examinations, minor procedures and in theatre for surgical processes. Modern technology and advanced luminous resources (known as LEDs) have contributed greatly to achieving good lighting for medical purposes.

Lighting for visual examination and diagnosis
Making a diagnosis by visual examination is a large part of routine medical practice for doctors, and therefore the lighting conditions are essential in aiding accurate diagnosis. The eyes of medical professionals are under extreme stress when carrying out detailed examinations and minor

interventions and so professional lighting to aid the process is essential. The general principle applied in this situation is to strive for optimal lighting for the medical personnel at a level that is also comfortable to the patient.

It has been shown that biological tissue can look different in different lighting conditions, which could result in something being missed or an inaccurate diagnosis. Fluorescent and incandescent light sources are not ideal under these circumstances, and it is now believed that light sources which are able emulate natural daylight are best for medical diagnostics.

Modern technology has led to developments in transforming standard incandescent lighting to take on the characteristics of natural light. This can be done by using specific filters and optical coatings.
Often such lighting needs to be multi-purpose.

Examination rooms normally have just general lighting, with an additional lamp providing supplementary lighting where required. This may be mounted on the examination bed, on the wall, or moveable on a pedestal, but ideally will be flexible and multi purpose to allow usage according to the type of examination or intervention required.

 It is important that this kind of medical lighting is both manoeuvrable to get it to the optimal position, but also stable once it is there to ensure a continual and reliable source of lighting for medical staff.

High Definition LED Lighting
Brandon Medical were field leaders in bringing in high definition LED medical lighting. This was revolutionary in that it offered excellent quality fully adjustable lighting.

Prior to this, adjustments were made to conventional lighting using complex filters to manage heat, and they were costly to maintain. The LED medical lighting offered

 by Brandon enables medical staff to change colour, intensity and focus to create the premium lighting conditions for the task.

Additionally, the lights are very energy efficient, using up to 70 per cent less energy, produce no heat and are designed in sealed units making them very easy to clean.

Advances in technology have enhanced the world of medical lighting, aiding professionals and patients in accurate diagnosis and addressing energy consumption.
Alana Holder writes about medical equipment and supplies.

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