Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Losing Weight By Knowing Your Metabolic Type

To often these days people are counting calories as a way to lose weight, its not that simple. It never has been but big companies love to jump on the bandwagon of calorie counting because its easy to do! If you take away 500kcals a DAY from your estimated requirement you'll burn away 1-2lb of body fat a WEEK and all that is all you have to do. Wrong - kind of.

A calorie is not just a calorie! Let's imagine you have 500kcals of pasta on one plate and 500kcals of broccoli on another, chances are that you will have a much bigger plate for the broccoli because there are less calories, yes? So we have miraculously discovered that you can consume more of one food than the other with the same amount of calories.

Would your bodies react completely the same if you had the pasta one day and the broccoli the next day? Would you have the same amount of energy? Would your blood sugar levels be raised to the same level? Would you need to release as much insulin? Would you have the same amount of energy? Chances are you wouldn't! Your hormones react completely different to sugar than they do to protein or foods high in fats.

So a calorie IS NOT just a calorie.
You need to find out what works best for YOU PERSONALLY. The way to do that is to find out your metabolic type. You need to be balancing your blood sugar levels and this is done by choosing foods that are right for you!

When you intake to much energy or sugary foods it can create blood sugar problems and hormonal imbalances and all sorts of energy system problems - headaches, diabetes, obesity, problems with inflammation of the digestive system and a load more unwanted problems!

Years ago people from different cultures and different regions of the world ate different foods, some ate a variety of fruits and vegetables whilst others ate foods high in protein and fats with a small amount of vegetables, but everyone had very good health and were definitely not overweight! There

was very little heart disease, or diabetes or even cancer. Metabolic typing is to do with your ancestral heritage, hence why someone can lose a load of weight on one diet and then somebody else tries exactly the same diet and loses nothing (or even gains weight).

The first thing you need to do is take a number of quizzes online to find out your metabolic type. There are 3 types:
Type A: You metabolise Fats and Proteins more EFFICIENTLY than you do carbohydrates, your diet

 should consist of:
50% Protein
30% Fats
20% Carbs
Type B: You can metabolise Carbohydrates efficiently but are not so good at burning Proteins and

Fats, your diet should consist of:
70% Carbs
20% Protein
10% Fats
Type C: You can metabolise your Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates equally.. Look at you! Your diet

should consist of:
33% Protein
33% Fats
33% Carbs

Now the next thing to do once you have found out this information is to implement it! Start preparing your meals for the next day otherwise you will end up in the nearest shop at lunch time buying sandwiches, sausage rolls or chocolate bars. Best of luck in your weight loss challenge.