Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cleansing Your Body Naturally!

Are you feeling tired, sluggish, and weighty of late? Do you get up with a painful body and a bad digestive system? Do you often find acne and other skin-related issues bothering you? It is high time you got rid of those toxins from your body! Your body too is a machine that requires cleansing and recharging thoroughly, for it to run smoothly!

This is all about rejuvenating your body by way of cleansing, eliminating poisonous chemicals from the body and nourishing it for it to maintain a normal system and an overall health. The Chinese and the Indians have been practicing this art since ages.

The how of it
It all boils down to cleansing the liver, which takes up the task of eliminating the poisons from the blood; although, they are also eliminated from lungs, intestines, skin, kidneys, and lymph nodes.

It basically involves resting the body by resting the organs via fasting; boosting removal of wastes through the kidneys, skin, and intestines; bettering blood circulation; and recharging the body with nutrient-rich diet.

How often do you cleanse and how to begin
Go for it once a year, a safe and effective one. However, children, feeding mothers, and certain patients with degenerative diseases must avoid it. Consulting your physician is suggested before you go ahead with a plan.

Start with wiping out caffeinated beverages, sugars, cigarettes and saturated fats which obstruct the healing process. Clear the shelves of all chemical-based cleaners used in the house and for personal use, and go for natural products.

Yoga and meditation, the de-stressors, go a long way to begin relaxing your body so no more toxins are released.

What suits you the best?
Many a cleansing programs are 7- or 5-day long, and you could choose from them based on your body requirements. They may include liquid diets (vegetables and fruit juices), hydrotherapy, all-fruit diet, juice therapy, etc for resting the gut.

 Others include herbs usage, skin-brushing/polishing to improve circulation and of course, exercise, and oil-pulling. Hydrotherapy involves drinking only water once a week. Besides, supplements available commercially enriched with vitamins, fibre, herbs, minerals and nutrients can be used safely.

Other ways to cleanse your system is by having lots of fresh fruits, veggies, especially cabbage, spirulina, seaweed, broccoli, radishes, good detoxifiers. Drinking green tea and taking vitamin C helps too. Pranayam improves circulation, so do hot baths and sauna baths.
Dangers of cleansing

But beware, these are quick fixes that are not at all advocated for weight loss, as there's involved a quicker regain of the weight lost due to low-cal diet. The initial weight loss is thus only a loss of water and not fat, regained faster than it is lost.

Feeling dizzy due to low blood sugar, fatigued and nauseated are a few of the side effects of such cleansing procedures owing to electrolyte imbalance of the body.

A better way to cleanse is by consuming healthy, nutrient-rich, natural/organic less-processed foods, lot of water, fibre-rich foods like whole grains, high-protein, low-fat foods.

So now kick start cleansing your body of dangerous chemicals in a healthy and beneficial way!
Detoxify your body, a healthy way, naturally, by following a detox diet that suits you.