Thursday, April 25, 2013

How To Lose Weight When You Are Older Than 45 - 6 Tips To Drop Fat Naturally

It's natural that when people grow old their body undergoes many changes. For instance they start experiencing a decline in muscle mass or tend to gain extra weight in an unprecedented manner. Another notable change associated with aging is a sharp decline in metabolic rate.

Folks aged above 45 are known to perform poorly as far as losing weight is concerned more so because their bodies are adapted to storing carbs in the form of fats rather than using them to create energy. As most old people are inactive, the threat of unwanted fats forming around different parts of the body keeps growing day by day.

More fats piling below the skin and around essential organs such as the heart means a greater threat of stroke and heart attack.

However, that doesn't mean total defeat as there are several measures that one can take to oppose the tide and keep losing weight way into old age.

How To Lose Weight When You Are Older Than 45
Different scientific studies have been conducted to establish some of the reasons why aged people tend to gain weight faster than their younger counterparts.

Most health and fitness experts agree that uncontrolled calorie intake, inactivity, smaller muscle mass, inability to exercise and loss of flexibility are the most prevalent factors that discourage sustainable weight loss among older folks.

To counter these, experts recommend that people take the following easy steps:
Caloric Intake Monitoring
Since old people have a slow metabolic rate, they don't need as many calories as the young super-active folks.

 Aged people are therefore advised to desist from taking alcohol, butter, candy and processed foods. Though occasional treats are welcome, one is cautioned against overindulging.

Brief Walks
Most aged people tend to spend their days indoors engaging in little or no physical roles - a feat that leads to lower energy demands and by extension lower metabolic rates leading to accelerated weight gain. Such people are advised to stay active and to take a brief walk everyday to allow the blood to flow and to power up their metabolic rate.

Muscle Building
Due to the declining muscle mass, one is advised to engage in weight lifting to stave off extreme physical changes. One however, need not become a body builder.

Heart and Lung Conditioning
Exercises generally make one feel better, and aerobic workouts are good for heart and lung conditioning. Old folks who've not been active for long are advised to begin with light aerobic exercises (e.g jogging and swimming) before proceeding to challenging ones.

Flexibility is vital
Flexibility is an important part of weight loss yet most aged people tend to stiffen up over years. As a basic measure to favor weight loss, one is advised to engage in stretch routines and yoga so the body becomes used to resisting tightness and tension.

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