Saturday, April 27, 2013

How To Manage Boredom Eating

We all can feel bored at times, but it's important to identify boredom for what it really is. Is it that you have some time on your hands and you don't know what to do. Or is it that you are lonely or upset with your life.
Boredom is a stress and like all stresses it is either managed or it festers into a bigger stress. The problem is that many people choose food to manage the stress of boredom.
The problem is that boredom can continue for long periods but you just can't physically keep eating, so at some stage you will have to contend with your boredom without eating.
So what are you going to do? Boredom eating is only a problem if you eat too much, and eat junk foods. If your weight is OK then you only have to worry about your arteries blocking up.
Otherwise if you want to lose weight you will need to create a few strategies.
Firstly you need to recognise that boredom is just another word for stress, and decide to find a way to manage the stress you are feeling. E.g. if you are lonely, until you find a way to deal with that feeling then you are likely to keep eating to relieve your stress.
The problem isn't food it's your stress issues. You see the point, in order to solve your boredom eating you have to address the stress behind it.
At times you may not feel particularly stressed but you eat to fill some gaps. Again the question is why. Why not read a book or do some chores, or watch television, so why food. What is the feeling you are trying to achieve with food. Another question to get to the bottom of.
You're bored, you eat, you feel better, or do you. Does filling up on whatever is at hand even if you're not hungry, solve your boredom? Does it actually make you feel better? Probably not if you are honest with yourself.
The best way to manage your boredom eating stress is with Rapid Change Hypnosis, you can easily break the connection between food and emotions. This won't solve your boredom, everyone gets bored, but it will help you find other ways to deal with the stress.
The hypnosis is a safe gentle way to easily and comfortably change the way you feel about food.