Sunday, April 21, 2013

Medifast Shakes - What Is the Nutrition Value of These Shakes?

Medifast shakes are effective and extremely popular. These beverages are part of a high protein, low carb weight loss plan that allows dieters to slash calorie intake down to only 800 to 1000 calories. Most dieters lose two to five pounds per week, and usually without losing muscle mass.
Each drink contains 90 to 110 calories. When consumed as directed five times each day along with a "lean and green" meal, this diet plan does provide adequate nutrition to the consumer.
Fat, Protein and Carbohydrates.
These drinks are low in total fat. The original Medifast drinks that need reconstitution with water in a shaker jar or blender contains only about a half gram of fat, whereas the Medifast Ready to Drink shakes contain 1.5 g of fat, or about 2 percent of the daily allowance. These products contain no saturated fat or trans fats.
These drinks are high in protein to prevent loss of muscle mass during weight loss. Each original shake provides 14 grams of protein, which works out to a whopping 28 percent of the consumer's daily protein needs. A Medifast Ready-to-Drink shakes contains about 11 grams of protein - five of these convenient drinks gives the consumer all the protein she needs to stay strong while dieting.
Medifast drinks are within the dietary guidelines for carbohydrates, contributing only about 4 percent of the government's recommended carbohydrates per day. Each shake contains four grams of fiber, providing roughly 16 percent of the recommended daily allowance.
Sugar and Salt
There are 7 grams of sugar in each shake, which works out to nearly two teaspoons of sugar per unit.
These beverages are relatively low in salt at 260 to 280 mg of sodium per serving; each original shake contributes 11 to 12 percent of the consumer's daily allowance for salt. Every Medifast Ready-to-Drink shakes contain 180 to 200 mg of sodium, or about 8 percent of the recommended salt intake.
Key Nutrients
These products contain other key nutrients to keep the consumer healthy during weight loss, including fiber, potassium, vitamins, and minerals.
Each shake contains 4 grams of dietary fiber, or about 16 percent of the consumer's recommended roughage intake. Most of these beverages contain 370 to 520 mg of potassium, which is about 11 to 15 percent of a consumer's daily need. The Dutch Chocolate shake contains 610 mg of potassium, providing 17 percent of what she needs in a day.
These drinks are high in vitamins and minerals. The original shakes provide the consumer with 20 percent of her vitamin A, C, D, E, K, and vitamin B complex. Medifast Ready-to-Drink shakes are even richer in vitamins, providing as much as 30 percent of these vitamins. The original Medifast product provides 20 percent of the consumer's daily need for calcium. The Ready-to-Drink products contain 30 to 45 percent of this essential mineral.
The consumer should not need nutritional supplements while on a 5 + 1 plan including original Medifast shakes and Ready-to- Drink, as these products are nutritionally complete.