Monday, April 29, 2013

Running Is Fun!

Well... for some of us it is. I really enjoy running but I know lots of people enjoy it the most once they have finished. I used to be like that too.

When I was younger and played football and cricket and basketball... in fact any sport that was on offer at school or in my local teams. I used to hate the training part of it.

 And especially running. I loved the running around during a game but the actual training and all the running you had to do to get fit for it was something I really did not like doing.

Fast forward some 20 or 30 years and I love running, can't get enough of it in fact. Running is fun to me. I know Joy likes finishing and the good feeling once you cross that line or finish that 5 k's or whatever particular type of running we do, but the actual act of running she is not all that thrilled about.

How can you make running fun?

You really can make running fun. If you are always running on your own it is hard work and not much fun at all. However if you join a running group or start entering fun runs and running with lots of other people it can be one of the best things you will ever do.

I entered my first fun run some 12 years ago now down in Melbourne. It was the Olympic Dream 10 K Run and I absolutely loved it.

The thrill of starting a run with some 10,000 other crazy runners and walkers like yourself is a real adrenalin rush and when you cross the finish line the sense of achievement you feel is real, emotional and so very exciting.

I have entered many events since and having met my partner Joy back in 2008, she is slowly getting into the addiction that comes with fun runs. I remember her first run over 5 k's when we were still living in Melbourne.

As she was approaching the finish line the announcer called out over the P.A "And now we have Joy Reynolds about to finish and cross the line. Well done, Joy!" The crowd cheered her home.

She certainly felt that thrill of crossing the line and finishing and although she was totally exhausted she loved the whole experience.

As I mentioned earlier many people don't like the actual running aspect of running but they love the sense of accomplishment.

We both run 5 k's every Saturday morning now in the Main Beach Parkrun. Parkruns are held all over the world. This is an event that is free to enter and was first started back in 2004 in Bushy Park, Teddington in England.

It has grown enormously since then. It is open to anyone of any age and any running or walking level.

And thanks to a fantastic volunteer program all the events are timed and free. I highly recommend getting involved or even starting your own Parkrun. Like I said, running is fun, at least it certainly can be.

There are literally thousands of fun runs held all around the world each year. Many charity runs and many just pure and simple for fun.

Why not get the kids (Great fun pushing a pram around a course!) the parents, friends or work mates and go and enter your first fun run? Parkruns are free and really are FUN! Once you do your first I have no doubt you will agree with me, RUNNING IS FUN!
Kevin McNamara is a motivational speaker, author. educator and Life Coach. He is rising to National prominence by delivering inspiring messages that encourage people to live up to their full potential by breaking the cycles of procrastination,

hopelessness and despair that many face daily through grief and depression. Kevin lost his daughter, Holly, to SIDS at 5 months of age and devotes his life now to helping others.

Kevin has a mission to help everyone he meets find their true calling in life and move from a place of mediocrity to GREATNESS!