Saturday, April 27, 2013

Prasouda Diet: A Lifestyle Change

There are a lot of dieting choices out on the market today, and I am not sure about you, but I have always struggled with figuring out which one is best for me. About a month ago my wife introduced me to a new diet that she simply referred to as a lifestyle change. She told me the word diet has such a negative stigma to it and that if we thought of this as more of change in the way we live our lives, then we would more than likely stick to it. You know what? She was right. We are exactly one month in to the Prasouda Diet and I couldn't be happier.
The Basics
The basics of the Prasouda Diet are pretty simple and the resulting benefits (weight loss, more energy, and better looking skin) are stellar. The way the diet is broken out is as follows: 10% bread/cereals, 10% oils (olive), 20% meats (fish and chicken mostly but you can occasionally have red), and the rest, 60% is fruit, vegetables, and dairy.
First of all the Prasouda Diet really does not limit what you can and cannot eat. Of course you shouldn't eat excessive amounts of candy, fast food, fried food, or anything along those lines, but that goes for all diets. With the Prasouda, you are more focused on whole, natural food. If you have ever been to the Italy or Greece, think about the things you found on the restaurant menus: fresh pasta, fruit, salads, olive oil, fish, chicken, and wine (you read that right!).
What makes the Prasouda different from a lot of other diets is that you are not limiting yourself from eating anything. You can still have a moderate amount of carbs, red meat, and pork. Your meals become more of an experience then just another dinner. For example, here is what a typical Prasouda dinner would look like:
  • Green salad with chicken stripes, croutons and dressing with olive oil, lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, mustard, and a glass of red wine.
Does not sound too bad does it? If you take on the Prasouda diet from the mindset of changing your lifestyle, like my wife and I did, you really will find success with it.
The Results
The results have been astounding. I have more energy now than I can ever remember and that is saying a lot since I have a 4 year old son and 2 year old daughter. My wife has lost 10lbs in the first month alone and her acne has begun to clear up on her back. I have only dropped 3 pounds but my goal is not weight loss. Instead I am trying to firm and tone up through an exercise regime of strength training and running.
The great thing I have seen from the Prasouda Diet is the amount of energy that I now have prior to working out. Before, I would literally have to frag myself to the gym, during lunch, and force myself to run. This resulted in inconsistency and I never really accomplished anything that I set out to achieve. Now that has changed and I owe it all to this diet.
So if you were like me and looking to make a healthy lifestyle change, then look no further. The Prasouda diet is a proven diet that will help you achieve your goals of weight loss, fitness, and wellness.