Thursday, April 25, 2013

How to Lose Fat - Easy and Stress Free

You find yourself gaining weight and experiencing more difficulty fitting into some of your clothes. What do you do? You get into this sort of crash diet. While you do lose weight almost instantly, you're actually not doing your body any favors.

Immediate loss is unhealthy. To get into tiptop shape, you need a change in lifestyle. Remember, it takes more than just fat loss. Healthy weight loss also requires that you gain some muscle. But before you start that diet, there are things you can think about so that you keep your eye on the prize.
Why You Need to Stick to Your Diet

While dieting is admittedly challenging, here are some weight loss motivation tips that could help you:

  1. When you eat healthy, you give your body the ammunition to fight off diseases.
  2. You extend your lifespan.
  3. It's nice to fit into those old clothes.
  4. You'll have the energy to sustain you throughout an active day.
  5. You can actually look and feel good when you're out in the beach.
  6. Dressing up is a lot better if you feel good about your body.
  7. People who are more fit look younger.

With those things in mind, don't you think you live your life better if you can enjoy all the benefits? While many do make the effort to slimming and toning their body, they also don't know about the mistakes they make. They starve themselves and abuse their bodies as if their system could really take that much stress. The truth is, if you don't think about what to do to yourself, your health will really pay the big price sooner or later.

How to Stick to Your Diet Plan

To achieve healthy weight loss, follow these rules and try to imbibe them into your daily routine so you can finally say goodbye to unwanted fat:
  1. Get enough rest. Experts say at least 6 hours of sleep a day is enough to maintain your healthy metabolism. If you deprive your body of the rest it needs, the fat-burning process inside your body slows down significantly. You may find yourself gaining weight even if you eat less.

  2. Include as much fruits and vegetables into your meals. There are many wonderful recipes out there that help you enjoy a vitamin-rich feast.

  3. Eat in smaller and more frequent amounts each day. It takes around 10 minutes for your stomach to signal your brain that it is full. Chew slowly and use smaller plates. You may fool your brain into thinking that it's had enough when you use smaller containers and if you'll have to make the effort to stand up and get another helping.

  4. If you're craving for junk or sweets, think of that fat juicy slices instead. If you still want to eat that steak, then you're probably truly hungry. Then, binge out on fruit slices and veggie sticks.

  5. Never miss out on breakfast. You end up eating more during the day if you skip your very first meal.

  6. Make exercise a part of your routine. Around 3 to 4 times of exercise weekly keeps your muscles strong. The more muscles you gain, the better your metabolism works.