Friday, April 19, 2013

Massage Therapy Equipment You Should Consider Buying For Your Massage Clinic

In order to successfully run a massage clinic or parlor, it is essential to have a setting that is well working with the necessary massage therapy equipment. With the help of this equipment in place, you will not only be able to give excellent treatment to your clients but also make sure greatest comfort to them during their treatments. Let us look at some basic massage therapy equipment which you can consider purchasing.
Firstly, you will need a portable massage table. They make the table using materials that are light in weight but equally sturdy at the same time. This will enable you to place it wherever you need. Tables also come with small wheels that make it easy to maneuver them around. Ensure that you have sheets and pillows that are disposable to keep up a hygienic atmosphere. It is also necessary that the masseuse wears a coat during the treatment.
Chairs that are specifically designed for massage therapy are also a good option to have. They come with various features. Many therapists are now opting to include this equipment in their clinics. Adjustable stools are another option to have. The adjustable height and the wheels give you the flexibility required. You can also make use of massage mats.
You will also need various massage products that will enhance the patient's experience. You want to make sure that you have different hot and cold therapies available with you. These include hot and cold packs, products for hot stone massage, heating pads, hydro-collators and paraffin treatment products are also useful for hot and cold therapies.
While giving the therapy to the patient, creating a good ambience is a very important. This will make sure that your treatment has a good effect on the patient. This effect is achieved by having soothing music played softly in the background. Another important way to make this is by the use aromatherapy diffusers like candles. This will give the compact room a refreshing smell and help the patient relax and enjoy the treatment. Remedy oils and essential oils are used as medicinal aids.
You can also consider having various anatomical supplies and charts that can describe the various aspects of the treatment. Charts include posters, decoders, reflexology charts, trigger point charts, and anatomy charts. You can also make use of videos and books for this purpose. Proper use of massage therapy equipment will give your patients greatest comfort and enable you to earn their trust.