Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Natural Ways Of Staying Beautiful

Our skin is being constantly exposed to sun, pollutions and chemicals and suffers from improper diet that damages the natural balance of the body. If your body is not healthy from within, no amount of make up can make you look beautiful. To look and feel beautiful, it's important that we concentrate on our inner well being instead of focusing on just the external factors. Here are some natural and effective tips for staying beautiful:
- Cleansing and moisturizing your face should be a part of your daily routine. Do it 2 times a day, once early in the morning and once before going to bed. This will keep your skin clean and fresh. The cleanser you choose should suit your skin type. You can also use just a mild or baby soap.
- Nothing can create a more magical effect than a bright white smile. To maintain white teeth, brush your teeth twice a day. Choose a whitening toothpaste that will make your teeth sparkle.
- Drink 8 glasses of water per day. This is basically 2 liters. 75% of your body is made of water. Your body needs water and without it your body will perish within 3 days. Drinking water will cleanse your body and skin and help in excreting toxic wastes from the body.
- Have 5 portions of fruits and vegetables every day. They are the key ingredient behind keeping your skin healthy and glowing.
- Exercises are equally important. It can be anything from jumping on the trampoline to walking your dog. Whichever form of exercise you choose, your intention is to be active.
- Inadequate sleep causes dull skin, puffy eyes and magnifies even the slightest wrinkles. It is often the reason behind red spots, breakouts and excessive oiliness in skins. The reason behind this when you are stressed, you heart beats faster, you breathe in a shallow manner. This results in poor oxygen circulation in the blood and destroys the collagen in your skin that is responsible for the elasticity of your skin. Sleeping for 8 hours every night is a must. Once in a week, try to go to sleep very early, before 10pm. In addition to sleep, practice stress reduction techniques, like yoga, deep breathing and meditation.
- Stress can also lead to excessive hair loss. This is because excessive stress produces more adrenaline that interferes with the flow of nutrients to the hair. Magnesium is a great stress- fighter. So have foods with higher levels of magnesium, like green leafy vegetables, garlic and sunflower seeds. Walking outdoors in the daylight for 20 minutes is also a great way to fight stress. Sunlight helps in the production of serotonin that helps in relieving stress.