Saturday, April 20, 2013

Discussing Sexual Performance Enhancing Muscle Building Supplements

Why do some brands of muscle building supplements list improved sexual performance as a function of their product? Are they putting some of the same ingredients from sexual performance enhancers into the chemical formula they're using? Or are they simply citing the perfectly logical downstream result of better sex stemming from an improved level of overall fitness?
I was looking over a website of a particular brand of muscle-building supplement and I noticed that they were touting improved sexual performance as one of the benefits of using their fitness product. It made me think and then it made me look into it a bit closer. In this particular brand they stated clearly that their product was clinically proven to improve sexual performance. That certainly shows that at least one ingredient in their muscle building formulation acts directly as a sex product.
Why would they do that? Is that sexual potency ingredient also beneficial in the supplement's primary goal of muscle building? Or was the sexual performance-enhancing additive put into to the muscle-building supplement formulation later as part of a marketing strategy? I read every word on the products sales page and their information section but that detail wasn't discussed anywhere.
So what are your thoughts on this issue? I can't help but compare the practice of adding a sexual performance enhancement ingredient to a muscle supplement as being similar to a software company bundling none-related software into their sales package to inexpensively boost the overall value of their offering or to justify jacking up the price or both. Personally, if I want a muscle-building supplement to assist me in attaining my fitness goal then that is exactly what I want. And if I want a sexual-performance product to improve my sexual experience then that is what I will get.
The late George Carlin said he takes a bomb onto a plane with him because if the odds were very long against having a person with a bomb onboard then the odds of having two people with bombs onboard must be astronomical. There are many people buying workout supplements online and I suppose there's quite a number of buyers seeking sexual performance products but I should think the amount of customers seeking both at once is a much thinner market.
I'm also wondering if mixing these two very different products is really such a good idea either. Suppose I want to build up my muscle so I take some muscle-building supplements before I go to the gym. But before I can really get into my workout, the sexual performance-enhancing component kicks in and my libido skyrockets. Suddenly my mind isn't on my workout anymore and I'm racing home for another purpose altogether. What muscle-building bang have I gotten for my buck? I'm now in my bed, smoking a cigarette after and I'm wondering why I bought this damned multi-purpose product for in the first place.