Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Cardiovascular Benefits of Spirulina

In the past blog post "Spirulina Benefits: The world's most powerful superfood!" we mentioned many of the health benefits this amazing algae offers our cardio system! In this article we'll flush out the facts and take a closer look at how the nutrients in this algae work with your heart to improve a robust, healthy system!
Vital fatty acids may not be anything new, and many of us recognize that we need them in our diet regimens. Whenever you heard the word 'omega' in regard to your diet, like on your margarine package, that's what they are meaning. Well drop the margarine and pick up the spirulina! GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid, if you were curious) is plentiful in spirulina. Purging cholesterol levels from the blood is simply half the tale, this essential fatty acid serves to produce many other nutrients inside your body. Nutrients which help prevent heart disease, cardiac arrest and stroke! These same nutrients additionally serve to eradicate excess liquid from the system which can assist to keep blood pressure suppressed (not to mention reduce bloating)! Of course spirulina doesn't leave you hanging at that, it is the only algae which manufactures a whole form of GLA! seeing to it you acquire the needed level of GLA as we age is a fundamental part of your diet. Spirulina makes that a snap!
Betacarotine - Have you ever been told to snack on your carrots for fantastic eye wellness? This is the main reason why! This effective antioxidant is crammed in spirulina at an amount 10x more than carrots! Coupled with it's numerous other benefits, betacarotine is a soldier for the cardiac system. Several studies illustrate that assisting heart disease victims with spirulina can in fact cut the degree of strokes and heart attacks by as much as FIFTY %! That's incredible! Not only that, but by protecting the body against the accumulation of LDL (low-density lipoprotein, or 'bad cholesterol' that can harden and clog your blood vessels), betacarotine helps to protect against heart disease in the first place! Not a bad investment for your body if you ask me!
Zeaxanthin - Never heard of this one? Definitely not a concern! He's still on your crew! Caring for your eyes, battling harmful cells and of course, fighting heart disease, cardiac arrest and stroke! An added bonus, this is among the few antioxidants that will definitely not turn on your body and help in the growth of free radicals in the lack of some other important nutrients! Pretty versatile!
Phycocyanin - Alright, I am not getting super technical with the specifications of the name however, exactly what you have to recognize is this: Phycocyanin puts the 'blue' in 'blue green algae', and the element has also been shown to remove plaque build-up along arterial walls. That keeps arteries in good shape and blood tension low! Yes please!
K vitamins have healthy proteins which are essential for blood coagulation, reducing the chances of arterial wall surfaces from setting and protecting against harm from resulting to the vessels. Merely one tsp. of spirulina contains your everyday dosage of K1 and K2!
We discussed how iron serves to build red blood cells. Blood cells which will take more oxygen and serve to help cure anemia! The polysaccharides in spirulina also help to develop white blood cells and hemoglobin also (the element which brings oxygen to cells and that renders your blood red)! Red blood cells which support more oxygen means that your body is operating more economically to get each and every cell the necessary o2 it needs to thrive! This, in turn, means that your heart is pushing less to get the same nutrients delivered! Talk about offering your heart a break!
All in all, Spirulina is undeniably a supreme supplement when considering your heart wellness! From cleansing the blood of toxins and cholesterol, assisting to build strong fresh blood cells, and defending your blood vessels from wear and tear, spirulina has got you protected!